Address Change Request

Address Change Information:

Have you recently moved and need your address updated? Please fill out the address change request form below and submit identification and two updated proofs of residency with the parent/guardian's name of the child(ren) to Pupil Services.

Address Change Request Form

Send to form and proofs of residency to
Fax: 248-684-8124
Mail: Pupil Services
2390 S Milford Rd, Highland MI 48357

Proofs of Residency

Verification of Residency (PA Manual 3-2, 4-1 & Board Policy AP-5111(2)(3):
There are two types of residency verification defined by HVS Board policy - Determinative and Corroborative.  One determinative and one corroborative document can be requested.  As the Pupil Accounting Manual requires only that residency be reasonably verified, the secretary can reserve the right to request additional pieces as needed to reasonably verify district residency.

1. Determinative residency proof would include a MOST RECENT copy of a document that shows a residential address; something tied to a physical address includes the following:
- Closing Statement/Mortgage Document/Leasing Paper
- Property Tax Statements
- Utility Bills (Electric, Gas, Water, Garbage) (A cell phone bill is not tied to an address and therefore is not acceptable as determinative proof)
-Rent Receipts

​ 2. Corroborative residency proof would include:
- Other bills/mailings/documentation with name & address to home not specified above.

*If you cannot provide proofs of residency, please contact Pupil Services at 248-676-8431 to complete a Family Affidavit with whom you are residing with.

Where Did You Move to? What Other Documentation Might be Required?

Check out our street guide to verify your child(ren)'s neighborhood school(s).

  • If you moved within your child's current school's attendance area, no additional paperwork is required.

  • If you moved out of your child(ren)'s current school's attendance area, an Open Enrollment application must be completed for them to remain at that school.

  • If your child(ren)'s in grades JK - 9th grade and you have moved out of Huron Valley Schools attendance area, a Schools of Choice application must be submitted to Pupil Services. Note: Our Schools of Choice window is only open twice a year, so you will need apply while or when the window is open.

  • If your child(ren)'s in grades 10th - 12th, you need to contact your child's high school or contact Pupil Services.