Student Support Services

Supporting All Huron Valley Students

The Student Support Services Department is a group of hard working professionals whose sole purpose is to support students and their families, allowing all children to be as successful at school as possible. Our ultimate goal is to provide students the skills necessary to be successful in achieving their post-school goals. Our support for students is provided in many different ways. Some of these supports include:

• Student 504 Support: General Education support for students who have been identified as having a disability and require accommodations in their classroom setting to ensure success.

• Special Education Support: Additional supports for students who have a disability and require an additional program or service to experience school success. These services are available for students from birth through age 25.

• Homebound Support: Teacher support at home for students who are medically unable to attend school.

• Health Related Services: Provide training  for staff to support the increasing number of students who have health issues such as seizures, diabetes and asthma.

• Home Schooled Student Support: Support to students who are currently being home schooled but qualify for ancillary support services such as speech therapy or teacher consultant services.

The Student Support Services Department services approximately 1,300 students and provides programming in all of the District’s school buildings. This programming ranges from ancillary support, like speech therapy, to more intensive academic or behavioral services. Additional supports include professional development for families and athletic opportunities for students who have cognitive impairments through Special Olympics.

Families can request information about support services by contacting their children’s school or the Student Support Services Department.

Teri Thompson, Director 248-684-8228

Rachel Paradis, Elementary, Assistant Director 248-684-8134

Deb Parkinson, Secondary, Assistant Director 248-676-8301

Kari Bessonen, Administrative Assistant 248-684-8238

Chantal Strait, Administrative Assistant 248-684-8236

Chris Davis, Records Secretary 248-684-8019

Dawn Fuhrwerk, Office Para 248-676-8362

FAX Machine 248-684-8229