Board Policies

Updated Policies

Huron Valley Schools is in the process of updating Board Policies and Administrative Guidelines. While policies are being updated, a combination of newly adopted policies will be used with previous policies.

Below you will find the table of contents for each series.  The full series are listed in order after the table of contents.

Tables of Contents

1000 Series - Community Relations

This series deals with the schools system's external relations with mass media communications, with PTA's, with citizens committees, with complaints concerning school personnel, with community use of school buildings, with other governmental and private groups concerned with education, and the like.

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2000 Series - Administration

Here you will find policy information regarding the Huron Valley School's Administration staff.

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3000 Series - Business & Non-Instructional Operations

Here you will find policies and regulations for the issues of money: getting it (taxation and bonds), planning for spending (budget), spending (purchasing), and keeping records (accounting). In addition, the non-instructional operations of operation and maintenance, of fixed charges like insurance, of transportation, and of food services appear in the latter part of this index.

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4000 Series - Human Resources

This section sets forth certain Human Resource policies and administrative procedures for Huron Valley Schools.

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5000 Series - Students

Focus here is upon the student - not on the educational process. He/she must be admitted; data about him/her, his/her parents*, and his/her place of residence recorded; a place in a school assigned; student activities; and so on. These are the responsibility of student personnel administration.

*Throughout this section the definition of parent comports with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

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6000 Series - Instruction

Here are provisions for teaching and learning. The goals of the schools, curricular matters, instructional arrangements to assist teachers to teacher and students to learn, provisions are individual differences and exceptional children - all belong in this Series.

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8000 Series - Internal Board Policies

The Board of Education utilizes policies to guide its governance of the school district. These will be different from bylaws, which are, in effect, rules. What goes here are statements of Board purpose, and provisions for matters like induction of Board members, inservice development of Board members, code of ethics for the Board as a group and individually, and the Board's attitude toward policy development. The Board's intent makes a great deal of difference in what it ultimately does and how it does it.

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9000 Series - By-Laws of the Board

As you expect, this series includes the familiar arrangements for meeting procedures, duties of officers, quorum, terms of office of members, and the like - often specified in the law. These rules, as was the case of the policies in the 8000 Series, concern only the Board itself as an instrument of democracy.

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