Continuum of Services

The Continuum of Available Services

The Huron Valley Schools (HVS) services students with handicaps of all categories ages birth through 26 years. All programs and services for students are determined through each student's individualized educational plan. Listed below are the following continuum of options:

Direct Services

• Early Intervention- Student's birth through three years of age. Referrals are directed to the staff of the PAL (Play and Learn) program. Services may be provided by the PAL staff, Oakland Schools, a center program, public health, or a combination of these resources.

• Early Childhood-Three to five year old students with handicaps may qualify for an early childhood special education program. Referrals are directed through the homeschool RISE or directly to the PAL Program. Services may be provided by the PAL program or a center program.

• Categorical Classrooms-These programs are available to students with significant Emotional Impairment (EI), Learning Disability (LD), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Cognitive Impairment (CI). They are intended for the students with the most severe impairments for whom success in a general education placement is not possible without this additional support.

• Resource Room-This program is intended for students who are able to function adequately in the general education setting for a majority of the school day. Services of the resource room teacher may range from direct service with the student to consultation with the student's general education teacher. These services are available at both elementary and secondary levels and focus on students who are primarily or entirely mainstreamed.

• Teacher Consultant-Consultation is a service provided to general education teachers and ancillary staff for special education students who are entirely or partially mainstreamed. This service may range from discussion of student progress to diagnostic-prescriptive testing to recommendations for classroom/program accommodations/modifications. Services may also be delivered directly to mainstreamed students.

Support/Ancillary Services

• School Psychology-School psychologists provide a wide range of services from psychological evaluation to group work with students and families.

• School Social Work-School social workers provide a wide range of supportive services to staff, students, and families. Services range from complete social work evaluations to group and individual intervention.

NOTE: While school social workers and psychologists are trained mental health professionals, the public schools cannot provide the services of a mental health agency. In the case of long term individual student or family treatment needs school personnel will not provide ongoing, intensive treatment, but will assist the family in identifying appropriate community mental health resources.

• Speech and Language Services-Such services are available for eligible students experiencing speech and/or language problems at each building. Referrals are directed to the Teacher of the Speech and Language Impaired (TSLI) assigned to the building.

• Occupational/Physical Therapy Services-Such services are available for eligible students whose need is educationally related. That is, the OT/PT need must have a negative impact on the students ability to profit from the educational experience.

• Work Study Coordinator-The work study coordinator assists identified special education students at the high school (grades 9-12) level through a variety of functions related to vocational and work activity.