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Enrollment Information

Welcome to the Huron Valley Schools Enrollment Center

The information on this site is provided to assist parents and guardians in the student enrollment process. There are several ways to become a part of the Huron Valley Schools (HVS) family:

1) Gain residency in the Huron Valley School District.
Our Street Guide will help determine if you are a resident of our district.
Huron Valley Schools Street Guide - rev 10-22


2) Enroll through Schools of Choice.
Huron Valley Schools is a Schools of Choice district. Under Schools of Choice Section 105, Huron Valley Schools may enroll students from another school district within Oakland County providing the student meets the application guidelines. More information can be found under the 'Schools of Choice' page.

If you are unfamiliar with where our schools are located, this link to a map of our district schools should be helpful.

Enrollment Instructions:
Parents/guardians must complete the New Student Online Enrollment application for all new students or any students that have left the district and are returning to Huron Valley Schools.

Required Documentation for Enrollment:

1) Child's Original Birth Certificate (with seal)

2) Parent/Guardian Identification (valid driver's license or passport)

3) Verification of Residency (PA Manual 3-2, 4-1 & Board Policy AP-5111(2)(3):
There are two types of residency verification defined by HVS Board policy - Determinative and Corroborative.  One determinative and one corroborative document can be requested.  As the Pupil Accounting Manual requires only that residency be reasonably verified, the secretary can reserve the right to request additional pieces as needed to reasonably verify district residency.

  1. Determinative residency proof would include a MOST RECENT copy of a document that shows a residential address; something tied to a physical address includes the following:

  • Closing Statement/Mortgage Document/Leasing Paper

  • Property Tax Statements

  • Utility Bills (Electric, Gas, Water, Garbage) (A cell phone bill is not tied to an address and therefore is not acceptable as determinative proof)

  • Rent Receipts

​   2. Corroborative residency proof would include:

  • Other bills/mailings/documentation with name & address to home not specified above.

4) Official Immunization Record from doctor's office or health department - Upon enrollment, state law mandates that you must provide the school with a record showing that your child has received at lease one dose of the following immunizations (Parents must then follow up to complete the required vaccinations).

Preschool/Childcare Vaccine Requirements
School Age Vaccine Requirements

Need your child's official immunization record? Please fill out the Request for Official State of Michigan Immunization Record Application that can be found on . Or ask your child's pediatrician to fax their immunization record to Pupil Services at 248-684-8124.

Immunization Waiver Information - On December 11, 2014, the administrative rule was passed by Michigan Department of Community Health requiring any parent/guardian wanting to waive vaccine/vaccines for nonmedical reasons to receive vaccine education from their local health department. This rule applies to children entering childcare, kindergarten, and 7th grade or newly enrolled in the school district after January 1, 2015.

Parent Key Point Flyer for Nonmedical Waiver
Immunization Waiver Information

5) Vision and Hearing Screening- Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten students only.  For more information, visit Oakland County Health Division website for Vision Screening ,and Hearing Screening information. FREE Vision and Hearing Screening offered by Oakland County Health Division, see Flyer for more information.

6) Kindergarten Dental Screening- Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten students only.  Michigan passed a law to give children the opportunity to receive a dental screening before they enter kindergarten. See Flyer for more information.

 7)Guardianship Documentation (if applicable)

8) Special Education Documents – Current IEP/MET (if applicable)

9) High School Athletic Profile for grades 9-12 Please submit form to the school's office at the time of enrollment

10) Additional Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten forms. Please print forms and return to school's office.

Kindergarten Age Waiver  (if turn 5 years old 9/2/2024-12/1/2024)
Kindergarten Transportation Release Form
Kindergarten Profile Form

After the Online Enrollment Application is submitted:

New or re-enrolling for Junior Kindergarten through 5th grade only, please call Pupil Services at 248-676-8431 for an appointment to complete the enrollment process.

New or re-enrolling 6th-12th grade students,  please call the school's office to complete the enrollment process.


Phone Number

Country Oaks Elementary


Heritage Elementary


Highland Elementary


Johnson Elementary


Kurtz Elementary


Lakewood Elementary


Oxbow Elementary


Spring Mills Elementary


Muir Middle School


Oak Valley Middle School


White Lake Middle School


Harbor High School


Lakeland High School


Milford High School