Homebound Services

Homebound and Hospitalized Services

Homebound and hospitalized services are designed to help students who are unable to attend school due to a medical condition, to keep up with their studies and to progress as far as possible given their medical condition. The teacher servicing homebound and hospitalized students facilitates the curriculum and provides support for school work in the home or treatment facility.

For a student to qualify for homebound and/or hospitalized services:

  • the student must be enrolled in a public school or a public school academy,

  • the student is unable to attend school due to illness or injury,

  • the student's medical doctor must certify that the student be confined to the home or is hospitalized during regular school hours,

  • the student is physically able to participate in instructional activities while at home or in the hospital,

  • and it is anticipated that the student will be homebound or hospitalized for five (5) consecutive days.

Please contact the building principal or guidance counselor for more information.