Homeless Services

Homeless Services

It is the mission of Huron Valley Schools to provide a quality seamless educational experience for all students without regard to physical, social or bureaucratic obstacles posed by homelessness.

Help is available when any of these conditions apply...

Student or family is being evicted or forced to relocate.

Student or family living in a shelter, motel, or other temporary housing.

Student or family is forced to live with friends or relatives or doubled up.

Student or family is living on the streets, hotel, campground or car.

Student or family are displaced, vagrant, or may have nowhere to go. 

Student is separated from family and is an unaccompanied youth.

Student or family has been a victim of a natural disaster or fire.

Student or family is in need of HUD, Section 8, Public Housing, or Low Income Housing.

Student or family has suffered from divorce, loss of job or other economic hardship.

For those who qualify for services....

Students would qualify for free meals at school.

Students would qualify for transportation assistance to stay in school.

Students would qualify for school supplies.

Students would qualify for backpacks.

Students would qualify for cap and gown so they can participate in commencements.

Students would qualify for enrollment assistance.

Students would qualify for clothing assistance or refer.

Students would qualify for assistance in applying for college financial aid FAFSA.

If you received services last year they will not continue this year. Since everyone's circumstances change so frequently, we need to ensure we are in compliance. You will be required to fill out a new student assessment below for each student. Please return all forms to one of your student's office coordinators so that eligibility can be determined and arranged before the start of services.

 Important: If you do not qualify for services this year, you will need to apply for school of choice for your students. You will need to contact our enrollment services at the admin building at 248.676.8431.

If you feel like you will qualify for services to save time, please fill out a student assessment for each child in district that this will impact. Please return all filled out forms to one of your students school office coordinator to determine eligibility and to start receiving services.

2023-24 Student Assessment click the following link:
District Needs Intake Assessment form 

Additional Resources
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Contact Information
Lena Moore
McKinney Vento Liaison