Transportation Department  

The mission of the Huron Valley Schools Transportation Department is to provide safe, cost efficient and timely  transportation service to our students. With over 99.6 square miles and much of it rural roads, bussing children is a must in Huron Valley. We accomplish this through a team of 90 employees. There are 65 drivers including substitutes and 20 bus attendants assisting special needs students. The operational staff includes mechanics keeping the wheels going round and round and office staff performing a variety of administrative duties including dispatch, routing, managing and ensuring compliance with state and federal laws and Huron Valley Schools policy. We travel to 15 school buildings in the District and programs beyond our District boundaries -to meet their educational requirements.

Each day we safely transport over 6,300 students to school; the equivalent of the population of the Village of Milford. Our fleet of buses travel approximately 10,000 miles a day, about the distance from here to Sydney Australia, while performing over 430 separate bus runs.

Additionally we average more than 500 field trips a year, transporting athletic teams and students to many different locations. For a typical school year the fleet consumes around 217,000 gallons of fuel or about 1200 gallons daily which would power the family car over 30,000 miles averaging 25 mpg. Bond money provided funds to replace aging buses and will outfit our buses with cameras and radios with GPS to increase the safety of our students and staff.

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2366 S Milford Rd
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Phone: (248) 684-8200
Fax: (248) 684-8038

Kristle Vann
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