school social workers
The first full week in March is National School Social Work Week, a time designated to celebrate school social workers and appreciate their work in helping students achieve academic success. Did you know social work began

in U.S. schools more than 110 years ago?

“Our HVS social workers consistently go above and beyond to meet the needs of our students and families, not only in school, but to lend support when needed at home,” said Superintendent Dr. Paul Salah. “They are a crucial part of social-emotional learning, and we are so grateful for the work they do so our students can thrive in the academic setting."

Social workers also support teachers help students deal with mental health and behavioral challenges and provide academic and classroom support. They help in developing education policies and work with teams to support crisis interventions, as well.

Current HVS social workers include

  • Pam Barckholtz
  • Alison Barkhouse
  • Jenna Biela
  • Brian Dawson
  • Michelle Eklund
  • Nickie Grabow
  • Jessica Grush
  • Lauren Hartman
  • Amanda Holowicki
  • Lauren Leege
  • Sheryl Litt
  • Anna Moreno
  • Christina Norris
  • Daniel Reeb
  • Lauren Scanlon
  • Tara Shefferly
  • Leah Smith
  • Deanna Strong
  • Kim Szalay
  • Jeff Thompson
  • Ashley Tucker
  • Nancy Willyard