BackPack Image

Huron Valley School District is implementing a change to their backpack policy this year.

At the high school level, all students will be required to leave their backpacks in their lockers.

At the elementary and middle school levels, students are permitted to bring their backpacks to school and use their lockers as has always been our process. No changes have occurred at elementary or middle schools.

Students will be asked to use their assigned lockers throughout the day.  As with every year  all students will be assigned a locker and combination in August they can use.

We do recognize that students may have small personal items they need to carry from classroom to classroom. Therefore, a small purse or satchel will be acceptable to have on you.  Something small that won’t affect a classroom's accessibility. 

This policy is being implemented to avoid hazards in classrooms and hallways and ultimately keep our schools safe.

Principals will review this information with students as they do all building expectations once the school year begins.