Oxbow students with cereal

What happens when you combine 854 boxes of cereal with 397 students and a few dozen enthusiastic teachers, staff and parents?

In Oxbow Elementary’s case, you end up with a fun, school-wide domino drop activity and the opportunity to give something substantial back to the community.

The event, led by the Oxbow Parent Council – or OPC, as they are fondly known around the school – took place Jan. 14.

Students and staff began bringing boxes of cereal to school weeks ago. Then, last Friday, rows of Froot Loops, Cheerios, Lucky Charms and more were carefully set up in hallways around the building. 

“The kids were excited,” said Oxbow Principal Justine Greenleaf. “The whole event brought great energy and anticipation to the building. Some of our students had never seen anything like it.”

The project got started when the OPC began looking for a way to give back to the community. Over the years, the school has received ongoing support from White Lake Presbyterian Church and its members.

“They’ve provided gift cards, food and snack items, school supplies, clothing and snow gear,” Mrs. Greenleaf said, noting she’s met with church leaders and congregants to talk about Oxbow and the struggles many families at the Title I building often face. “Anything we need, we always know we can rely on them.”

Since the church also houses a community food pantry, Oxbow and the OPC decided the organization was the perfect recipient for the cereal donated by families and staff. But first, a little fun at school. When it was time to get the cereal dropping like dominoes, Hoot the Owl gave an enthusiastic kick to the first box.

Kids and staff lined the hallways to cheer and clap as the boxes fell, one by one, down hallways, around corners and, finally, into a spiral finish. “It was a fun way to celebrate all the hard work the kids and families put in to collect the cereal,” Mrs. Greenleaf said.

Afterwards, the cereal was loaded up and transported to the church’s food pantry to help those in need. Check out this fun video of the event. Way to go, Oxbow Owls!