Mav Shed

You may recall the Mav Shed opened in January.  In the short time it started providing necessities, the shed has had many students utilize the Mav Shed.  While this student supply room is open to all students, many of these students have experienced hardships and it's been great to make this additional resource available to them.  

Since the Mav Shed opened, over 250 items have been given away.  Most of these have been hygiene items including shampoo, conditioner, body wash and deodorant, as well as many clothing items, underclothes and snacks.  As a result, there is a need for items - sweatshirts are top on the list; any brand, size and gender but all items should be new.  You may order any of the items from the Amazon Wish list below and have them directly shipped to the school with the address provided or you can shop on your own and send items directly to the school (to main office, please label 'Mav Shed').  

If you would like Mav Shed to do the shopping for you, please feel free to send gift cards or cash and just label them 'Uplift Milford'.  The admins in the main office will place these in their mailbox at the school and they will use the cash and gift cards to replenish needed items; receipts can be provided.  You may also make cash donations online ( where you will immediately receive a receipt.  You can email with any questions. 

Check out my list on Amazon

 If you know of any students that might need access to the supplies in the shed, please ask them to use the QR code below or they can reach out to any of the admins or counselors. 

It takes a village and we are thankful to the many parents that are helping keep the Mav Shed stocked for our students!