HOT Team

Despite the weekend’s winter weather, the competition at Milford High School was HOT!  The Heroes of Tomorrow, HOT Robotics team, transformed the MHS fieldhouse and auxiliary gym into a robotics hotspot; hosting 40 teams from across Michigan as they played the 2023 FRC game Charged Up at the Milford FIRST in Michigan District Event.  The HOT team was on fire as they dominated the competition, plowing through 12 qualifying matches undefeated and winning the tournament with their alliance partners, RoboJackets from Rochester and Hidden Treasures from Pinckney.  The Heroes of Tomorrow Robotics team received the district Engineering Inspiration Award, recognizing their excellence in communicating their engineering experience. This accolade puts the team in the running for the award at the Michigan State FIRST Robotics Tournament.

Combining the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology, FIRST Robotics Competition is the ultimate Sport for the Mind.  Every January, FIRST releases a unique challenge that inspires high school students to apply their creativity and knowledge to design, machine, assemble, wire, programs and market a robot capable of playing the game. The HOT Team is made up of 41 students from Lakeland HS, Milford HS and the IA west who are mentored by 25 experienced professionals building their knowledge, skills and their robot together in the prototype shop at the GM Milford Proving Ground.  After an intense seven weeks of construction, the team emerged with a robot ready to engage in the first week of FIRST competition.  After the competition, the HOT team will analyze their performance and implement improvements to enhance their capabilities for their next competitions.      

Overall, the weekend was a great success for the HOT Robotics team, who showed off their skills and hard work as they dominated the competition. The combination of sports and technology is the ultimate challenge for these high school students, and their dedication and commitment to the competition is truly impressive. The team's success is a testament to their passion for robotics and their desire to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Photos provided by Stephen Liggett 
Lori Gleason
Milford High School-Physics and AP Physics Teacher FIRST Robotics Mentor-FRC Team 67 and FTC Teams 7255 and 11668