14 high school students standing in front of a grey brick wall, dressed up
A group of people with hats and purple uniforms on holding a banner that says MCGC on it, wearing gold medals.
6 people giving an award to one person who is a high school student
Lakeland Choir Program singing
Lakeland DECA Logo
Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association Logo
Lakeland Eagles Logo
Group of students with blue banners and robots
Lakeland High School DECA logo
Picture of hockey players and coaches hold a trophy smiling
Picture of a colored wristband
a group of girls in a hockey rink dressed a figure skaters in black uniforms with ice skates on
Picture of a male student in a suit smiling
5 people standing in front of a black backdrop, 2 female, and 3 male
Students playing percussion equipment dressed in formal attire on a stage
Two Lakeland Students dressed in suits holding a white plaque
Students sitting in the library stacks full of books
Yellow square with Your Opinion Matters and a megaphone
Neon microphone with the word podcast under it
8 Students standing in a group in a hallway smiling