Physical Education Department 

The Physical Education Department seeks to inspire students to begin to develop a love for life long fitness. It is our desire that once our students leave our classroom they are equipped with the knowledge of HOW to achieve lifelong fitness, health and wellness; WHY it is important and HOW to do it.

This is achieved through a variety of course offerings which include individual, group and/or team based activities. In addition to the course offerings our goal as a department is to develop a relationship with each student in our class while discovering how we can best meet their needs. We find that once that has been achieved students begin to take ownership over their own daily fitness activities

After all the above has been accomplished combined with the high expectations we have for our students, we find that our classes are a lot of FUN and a nice break/stress relief from the "normal" classroom setting. We look forward to seeing your son or daughter in Physical Education class at LHS!