The vision of Lakeland High School is to move forward in a cycle of continuous improvement with critical thinking, staff and student engagement, technology integration and solution seeking, developing students who are productive members of society, creating a collaborative culture for all stakeholders, and motivating all staff to achieve and demonstrate growth beyond their capacity.


Lakeland High School's mission is: Connect. Empower. Achieve.

The school's mission focuses on initiatives and establishes goals that serve to:

CONNECT all staff, students, parents, and community members;

EMPOWER all stakeholders using analysis, creativity, self advocacy, social skills, technology skills and high level learning skills;

ACHIEVE by challenging all staff and students, progress monitoring, goal setting and stimulating and retaining learning. 

Belief Statement 

Lakeland High School believes…

…individual student success is best achieved though the collaborative efforts and joint responsibilities of school, family and community.

…using best practices and technology is critical to engage all learners.

…motivating students to achieve at higher levels.

…creating an environment of critical thinking is key.

…empowering staff and students to build relationships and demonstrate personal leadership in school enhances learning.

… inspiring individual students through a variety of opportunities leads to personal success.

… diversified thinking, respect, tolerance and acceptance are essential for a strong caring community.

…providing a safe and secure environment is essential.

…effective communication and providing multiple opportunities that involve all stakeholders is paramount.