Summer School / Credit Recovery

All students should be familiar with their graduation requirements. If a student believes that they may be behind on credits, they should contact their counselor immediately to set up a credit recovery plan.

Huron Valley Summer School : If you have failed a class and need to make it up, you are encouraged to do so over the summer. All Huron Valley summer school courses are delivered online via the e2020 program. 

Information Packet and link to registration

Credit Recovery Options  : Are you behind in credits? Find out ways to get back on track. See your counselor immediately. 

  • Credit recovery can become very expensive, costing hundreds of dollars depending on how many credits you need to recover and how you recover them. Make sure to use the resources at school to help you pass your classes including extra help from teachers, peer tutoring, getting a private tutor, and working with your counselor. Don't let credit recovery become your only option for graduating from high school.