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Mission Statement: The Lakeland High School Counseling Department will work to connect, support, and empower all students through the development of academic, career, and personal/social foundations. The school counselor's role is to be an advocate for all students so that each student can achieve their highest potential across every domain. The comprehensive school counseling program will inspire and educate students to become life-long learners by acquiring the skills, knowledge, and ability to succeed in a global society.


In 2014, the Lakeland Counselors received, for the second time, the R.A.M.P. award. R.A.M.P. stands for Recognized A.S.C.A. Model Program. A.S.C.A. is the American School Counselor Association that provides the framework and curriculum for what services a counseling program should be providing for students and the school community. We were the first school counseling program in Michigan to receive this recognition back in 2011!

Lakeland High School Profile A snapshot of the student population at L.H.S., our staff, curriculum offered, grading policy, and where students attend after graduation.

Lakeland Counseling Office Staff

Heather Simms - Counselor A-G - (248) 676-8368
Jenny Alfano - Counselor H-O- (248) 676-8329
Nicole Carlson - Counselor P-Z - (248) 676-8369
Vicki Riley - Counseling Secretary - (248) 676-8364 Ext. 0
Karen Warner - Records Secretary - (248) 676-8351
Bonnie Engel - School-to-Work Coordinator - (248) 676-8358
Nicole Grabow - Social Worker - (248) 676-8356
Carmen Scobie - Psychologist - (248) 676 -8410