Annie Pitcock award winner

The Michigan Department of Education has officially announced who received the Breaking Traditions Award for CTE students here in Michigan and Lakeland is proud to announce that Lakeland Junior Annie Pitcock was awarded the Michigan Breaking Traditions 2022 Certificate of Recognition for her work in the area of Video Production/Broadcasting. The Breaking Traditions Award recognizes students who overcame obstacles and stereotypes to succeed in career and technical education (CTE) programs considered non-traditional for their gender. These students are “breaking traditions” by possibly pursuing careers in which less than 25 percent of persons working in that field are their gender. The press release from MDE is linked below.

Annie was also recognized by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Michigan Chapter by being nominated in the category of best editing for a student production. Her video was the 2021 Lakeland Mock Car Crash. She worked with 2021 LHS graduate Andrew Allendorf on the film last spring. Congratulations to Andrew and Annie! That video is linked here:

The car crash video as of 5/13/2022 has 17,000 views on YouTube and is by far the most viewed video ever put out by LHS Video Production.