The OV Bands presented a fantastic concert last night! It's amazing to see all that our musicians can do! The audience enjoyed listening to two 7th/8th Bands, Beginning Band, Jazz Band, and the Huron Valley Marching Band! Congratulations to Don Hogaboom, our band director. Way to play, Hornets!
about 5 hours ago, Oak Valley Middle School
7th and 8th graders play in concert
6th grade band in concert
students play instruments in concert
In the science lab, sixth graders investigated how a liquid mixture can undergo a phase change and turn into a solid mixture, which we know as ice cream!
7 days ago, Oak Valley Middle School
3 students mix ice cream in bags
2 students with ice cream
3 students at science table
3 students mix ice cream ingredients
3 students eat ice cream
3 students eat ice cream
students mix ice cream in bag
students mixing ice cream in bag
Our 7th Grade Pre-Engineering students designed and built unique roller coasters, with the goal of slowing down the roll of the ball. Using creativity with calculations, they were quite successful!!
9 days ago, Oak Valley Middle School
3 boys show roller coasters made of straws
2 girls pose with roller coasters
girls with roller coasters on their table
2 boys begin a ball rolling on their coaster
girl smiles by roller coaster she made
3 girls pose by roller coaster they build together
boys work on roller coasters at their table
2 boys smile by their roller coaster
2 boys look at their roller coaster
The Oak Valley 7th and 8th Grade Bands enjoyed a wonderful opportunity to march in the Milford Holiday Parade on Saturday. They worked together to stay in sync and create a great sound! Way to go, Hornets!
9 days ago, Oak Valley Middle School
marching band members play saxophones
students march with trombone and tubas
students play trombones
students march with tubas
marching band behind banner
students smile and hold instruments
students pose with clarinets
Students in Mr. DeBono's 7th Grade Social Studies planned and performed skits about social classes in Ancient Egypt!
11 days ago, Oak Valley Middle School
students wrap another as a mummy
students sitting with crowns on heads
students in a skit
students with a mummy wrapped in toilet paper
students with a pond in skit
students smile at end of skit
6th graders had another great day tie-dying t-shirts and enjoying time together! Thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers - we couldn't do it without you! Remember to wear your new shirts for Class Color Day on Monday, November 27th.
17 days ago, Oak Valley Middle School
tie dye
tie dye
tie dye
tie dye
tie dye
tie dye
tie dye
The smiles say it all! We had the BEST time at the Michigan Science Center today with all of the 6th graders! A big THANK YOU to the chaperones who made this trip possible.
21 days ago, Oak Valley Middle School
mi science center
mi science center
mi science center
mi science center
mi science center
mi science center
mi science center
mi science center
mi science center
mi science center
Boy's Basketball is underway here at the hive! Our Hornets were welcomed by OVMS basketball alumni to LHS last week to play in the big gym against a district rival, the White Lake Warriors. We are so excited to see all that they accomplish this season! Their schedule can be found on our website. As always, GO HORNETS!
28 days ago, Oak Valley Middle School
The Oak Valley Middle School Robotics Teams competed at Freeland Middle School on Saturday. The Buzzin' Bots finished in 9th place and the STEAM Stingers finished in 17th place out of 36 teams. With a lot of hard work, the teams created robots that were able to score points in every category. Together the teams won 7 of 10 matches. In addition, the teams presented their robot to judges in order to express what they have accomplished. For fun the robotics teams gave out homemade awards, like Awesome Pit Display and Great Team Mascot, to their favorite competitor schools. The STEAM Stingers and Buzzin' Bots are looking forward to competing at Novi Middle School on November 18. Matches run between 11-3:30 and entry is free if you’d like to come cheer them on for a few matches!
about 1 month ago, Oak Valley Middle School
Robotics team poses as a group
Students watch a robot
Two students direct a robot
Robots perform in a meet
Oak Valley students and staff enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine this morning during their recess at Country Oaks! They hiked down the Cross Country trail to go to the updated playground for football, volleyball, climbing the dome, playing gaga ball, sliding, and swinging! It's great to be a kid again.
about 1 month ago, Oak Valley Middle School
girls twirling on playground
girl on slide
Principal with teacher on playground
5 girls sitting in sunshine
boys standing on play structure
girl climbing in play structure
girls on play structure smiling
students swinging
boy relaxing on wooden wall
students walk down a trail
Seventh grade ELA students celebrated their hard work after completing an essay assessment with a class Publishing Party! They shared their essays and lots of fun treats. We're so proud of their efforts!
about 1 month ago, Oak Valley Middle School
5 girls read each other's essays
2 rows of girls reading essays
3 girls read essays
3 boys look at essays on computers
4 boys read essays around a table
table filled with snacks
This week, members of the Oak Valley Bands traveled to Ann Arbor to watch the President's Own Marine Band. What an enriching experience to listen to this highly regarded band!
about 1 month ago, Oak Valley Middle School
Marine band standing
row of students at band concert
Marine band sitting
Students smile in audience at band concert
We had so much fun wearing Halloween costumes to school for our Spirit Day. There is no end to the creativity of our students and staff! From Construction Cones to 101 Dalmatians and Dragons, we hope to "Build Futures . . . One Student at a Time!"
about 1 month ago, Oak Valley Middle School
girls dressed like construction cones
Teachers dressed like 101 Dalmatians
girl wearing dragon suit
staff wearing construction costumes
boy in milk costume
4 staff ladies with spice chef aprons
two girls in costume
four girls wearing costumes
boy in shark costume uses the phone
girl in witch costume
Oak Valley Choirs presented "A Spooky Little Concert" this week. Students performed a wide range of music including pop, classical, and eerie sounds of the season. They did a fabulous job of singing with expression and creating beautiful music together!
about 1 month ago, Oak Valley Middle School
6th grade choir warms up
combined choirs sing on risers
7th grade choir warms up
combined choirs perform
In honor of National Unity Day last week, students wrote ideas on orange hands for how to prevent bullying at Oak Valley. We then put all of the hands together to form the word "Unity!"
about 2 months ago, Oak Valley Middle School
sign spelling UNITY with hands
LHS football players (and brothers) returned to OVMS today to recognize and thank their favorite teachers! Nolan gave his jersey to Mr. Topper while Max gave his to Mrs. Tapley! What an honor! LHS plays MHS this Friday night, October 20.
about 2 months ago, Oak Valley Middle School
football player with his teacher
football player poses with his teacher
OV Girls Volleyball will wrap up their season with two home games this week (Monday and Wednesday). Come on out and cheer on our teams! The players have demonstrated a lot of growth and grit during this amazing season! We are proud of you, Hornets!
about 2 months ago, Oak Valley Middle School
8th grade girls volleyball team pose together
7th grade girls volleyball team posing as a group
girl jumps at net in volleyball game
player congratulates another with hand bump
player bumps the ball
team embraces in a circle
8th grade volleyball players smile together
We had a fabulous day celebrating the Oak Valley Rally! Thanks to our generous community, we surpassed our fundraising goals! These funds will greatly enhance our students' experience this year. We enjoyed a Field Day and a special assembly, where our teachers demonstrated what good sports they are! We are so grateful to all involved!
about 2 months ago, Oak Valley Middle School
students stand by inflatable obstacle course
student points to teacher dressed like fairy
principal with pie in face
Teachers gets his leg waxed
staff play students in volleyball
students in bleachers
4 girls pour mustard on two ladies
two teachers about to eat hot sauce
teacher with sugar and whip cream all over
principal pets goat in gym
The students enjoyed listening to the Carter Hulsey band today, and hearing about financial literacy. Carter explained credit card debt, compound interest, debit cards, and saving over time. The band members also offered a question/answer session. We were thankful to learn about "Funding the Future!"
about 2 months ago, Oak Valley Middle School
2 students and teacher with posters
singer explains debit cards
band in concert
questions and answers at concert
students listen to band in gym
We're making treehouses in Pre-Engineering! Students creatively and collaboratively design their structure for balance, as each one is unique!
2 months ago, Oak Valley Middle School
girl builds treehouse platform
girl works on treehouse structure
3 boys give thumbs up with treehouse
treehouse with 2 girls and a boy at table
two girls work on treehouse