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Cross Country

Invitation: We'd like to invite you to participate in Cross Country next season at Oak Valley Middle School.  We have a competitive team coming back and we'd like your student to be a part of the fun!  With next season being our last, we're trying to embrace the "Last and Best!" motto.

For those that are new we have two styles of races, 6th graders can run a 1 mile course over trails and terrain, or choose to run the 2 mile course with the 7/8th graders.  

While we stay competitive in our region, Cross Country is a non-cut sport.  We take everyone from seasoned runners to those who have never run before.  We stress improvement with our runners no matter the starting point, and we like to celebrate their successes with them.  We're hoping to have a lot of kids out this year!

Some things to know:

1) To participate you need a physical filled out by your doctor dated after April 15, 2024.  Click here for a copy of the physical form.

2) Here are some dates to know for workouts over the summer:

We encourage our runners to attend both high school camps if they can.  If not, one is good.  

Lakeland's camp dates are 7/29, 7/31, 8/2, 8/5, 8/7.  Click here to register. See the flier below.

Milford's camp dates are 8/19-8/22.  Click here to register. See the flier below.

3) Summer training:  Whether you can make a camp or not, we'd love it if kids started trying to go for 1-2 mile easy jogs at least every other day in late July to help get ready.  THIS IS NOT A PREREQUISITE!  We will build kids up from whatever their starting point is.  This does help us get kids ready for competition sooner, however.

4) First OV practice dates: 

August 26 9:00-10:30

August 29 12:30-2:00

5) Have another sport or conflict?  No worries, we work with ALL schedules!  Plus Cross is a great way to get better at other activities.

We look forward to seeing you in August!

If you have questions please send them to or

Registration:  All athletes must register and fill out the appropriate forms with the HVS district for participation. Register through Final Forms. After we submit the team roster, then you can Pay to Play through eFunds.

Quick Links:

flier for LHS cross country camp

MHS middle school camp flier

girls running in cross country race

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