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Thespian Advisory Board

Thespian Advisory Board


Miracle on 34th Street Flyer

Get your tickets to see Miracle on 34th Street by visiting https://lhsperformingarts.org/ (starting the first week of November 2023)

The Lakeland High School Theatre Program is proud to be a part of a growing arts program in Huron Valley Schools. Our motto is “Making the ‘AND’ possible!” We want students to be able to play sports, participate in clubs both inside and outside of school, AND use their creativity to play a part in helping us produce high quality shows for the enjoyment of our community. 

Our extra-curricular program is geared toward educating and training students in a wide variety of fields so that they can lead and succeed in their future. Led by a team of professionals, this program provides hands-on training and mentoring both on stage and off. As a micro business, students have the opportunity to develop lots of real world skills that can help them explore a variety of careers they may want to pursue after high school both on stage and off.

The Lakeland High School Theatre Program provides lots of opportunities throughout the year to become involved. There is a Drama Club that meets about once a month with a different focus each month and field trip opportunities to support the arts and other groups within the district. There is also an opportunity to be a part of a Fall Play, a Spring Musical, and other conferences and festivals to further develop skills and show off 

The goal of the Lakeland High School Theatre Program is to come alongside students and give them a place where they are accepted and safe to explore and develop their natural gifts and talents and support them in becoming the best version of themselves. 

Being involved in the LHS Theatre program, students have the opportunity to develop skills they can apply throughout their life in all areas of their life. Participating in theater teaches cooperation and collaboration, builds confidence, develops a sense of teamwork and accountability, allows for job exploration in a variety of fields, and can create fond memories and lasting friendships that endure the test of time.

The Lakeland High School Theatre Program slogan says it best: 

“Respect is Required. Acceptance is Guaranteed.” 

Please visit the LHS Theater website at http://lhsperformingarts.org/

The 2023-2024 LHS Thespian Advisory Board is represented by:

Elaina Cotton

Kipp Mowers

Ashley Born

Laura Buckley

Chloe Caza

Nolan Osterhart

Annalin Nicholas