winning wrestler raises his hand

wrestlers on ground in match


Boys & Girls Wrestling

  • The 2022 season begins January 3 after school. Bring your gym clothes and a water bottle. You can begin with tennis shoes but eventually you will need wrestling shoes.

  • Every student athlete is required to obtain a physical dated after April 15, 2021. Physical forms can be found here.  Please complete and return to your coach or the front office before the first practice. 

My student athlete joined the team . . . now what?

Step 1: Register your athlete through HVS "Final Forms" website. Click here.

Step 2:  Pay for your athlete to participate in the season. Click here.

Step 3: Student athlete and parent must both review, sign and submit the Concussion Awareness Form to the office before the first practice. Concussion Awareness Form can be found here.

wrestler in a match

two wrestlers in a match