Muir’s 6th grade Comm Arts and WEB Leadership winding down the semester with fun activities including a class auction and interactive games! #wearemuir
3 days ago, Muir Colts
Congratulations to our 7th grade students who were recognized by their teachers as representatives of what Muir stands for. These students received an award for being either Motivated, Understanding, Innovative or Relentless. We Are MUIR!
4 days ago, Muir Colts
Ancient India’s golden age in social studies, unit rates in math, and the circulatory system science. #alwayslearning #wearemuir
7 days ago, Muir Colts
Congratulations to our Students of the Week! #makingmuirbetter #wearemuir
7 days ago, Muir Colts
7th grade Science is learning about how the circulatory system works on dissection day!
8 days ago, Muir Colts
WEB Leadership debating relevant topics based on quality research.
14 days ago, Muir Colts
Amazing concert brought to you by our 6th Grade Band! #wearemuir
15 days ago, Muir Colts
The Muir 6th Grade Band is ready for their performance tonight! Muir Gym at 7pm! Go Colts and go band!
16 days ago, Muir Colts
Excellent performance by the Muir Choir last night!
17 days ago, Muir Colts
Congratulations to our Students of the Week! #makingmuirbetter
20 days ago, Stephen Digsby
Students of the Week!
We’re are back in 2022 learning about chemical reactions, plate tectonics, new songs, westward expansion and systems of equations! #wearemuir #newyearnewlearning
23 days ago, Stephen Digsby
Great job to these 7th graders who presented at tonight’s board meeting. They highlighted the exciting team building activities they have been doing this year at Muir!
3 months ago, Muir Middle
7th graders