Mr. Digsby portrait

Build Relationships; Create a Safe and Positive Culture; Commit to Continuous Growth

-Mr. Steve Digsby, Principal

Radar, one of Muir's Bernese Mountain Dog therapy dogs, wears red and purple scrunchies.

My sister, Raven, and I take our jobs as Muir's therapy dogs very seriously.



I love to snuggle with my people


Ms. Saks

21 years and still going strong! I love working with wonderful students, and an incredible staff that I am proud to call my friends! Go Colts!

-Ms. Jennifer Saks, English Language Arts

Mr. Coraci photo

I became a teacher for the money and fame.

-Mr. Joe Coraci, Social Studies

Ms. Morelli

Perceive, Believe and Achieve; Together we can!

-Ms. Teresa Morelli, Special Educator

Ms. Doggett

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"- Ralph Waldo Emerson

-Ms. Michelle Doggett, Drama, Communication Arts, WEB Leadership

Mr. Pearson

Be kind and humble. Good things will come your way.

-Mr. Brent Pearson, Social Studies

Ms. Ryan

Chocolate is a vegetable.

-Ms. Debbie Ryan, English Language Arts

Ms. Blanchard portrait

I am proud to have been teaching nearly my entire career at the BEST school ever!

-Ms. Kristin Blanchard, Band Director

Ms. Marszalek portrait

"A person that never made mistakes never tried anything new." -Albert Einstein

-Ms. Kerry Marszalek, Math