Communication Arts students in Mrs. Doggett’s class took the stage to partake in a fun talk show interview presentation. #wearemuir
about 3 hours ago, Muir Colts
6th grade ELA students worked collaboratively on putting the characters they each created into a combined story. #wearemuir
about 22 hours ago, Muir Colts
Congratulation to our students of the week! #wearemuir #makingmuirbetter
4 days ago, Muir Colts
A great last day of spirit week and the Colt Classic! #wearemuir
5 days ago, Muir Colts
Thank you Muir families for your support and generosity in helping us meet and exceed our fundraising goal! We had an absolute blast this week and are so appreciative of the Muir community! #wearemuir #coltclassic
5 days ago, Muir Colts
We are getting closer to our final goal of $10,000 as we eclipsed $8,000 today! So many fun things happening as a result! Almost there, keep donating so we can get to all the rewards! #wearemuir #coltclassic
7 days ago, Muir Colts
Mrs. Saks is treating a lucky student like royalty for the day. Long live the King! #wearemuir #coltclassic
7 days ago, Muir Colts
Congratulations to our Students of the Week! #wearemuir #makingmuirbetter
7 days ago, Muir Colts
Want to donate with a credit card, debit card or PayPal? Scan this QR code! All funds go back toward supporting Muir this year! #wearemuir #coltclassic
8 days ago, Muir Colts
WEB Leaders organized fun games to reconnect with 6th graders today. #wearemuir
9 days ago, Muir Colts
It’s a bird, it’s a plane…Nope, that’s Mr. Minna teaching in the Colt costume all day long for our fundraiser week. Keep the donations coming for more fun! #wearemuir #coltclassic
9 days ago, Muir Colts
It’s Fundraiser Week & Spirit Week! Please help our PTO reach its goal of $10,000 by the end of the week! See the attached flyer and parents check your email from Mr. Digsby last week for more information! #wearemuir
10 days ago, Muir Colts
Muir’s Cross Country had a great day at the Linden Meet. Boys took 1st and Girls took 2nd. Go Colts! #wearemuir
11 days ago, Muir Colts
Mrs. Sanborn’s 7th grade Science class wrapped up their review unit on the scientific method by creating paper rockets. Each group picked a variable to test, planned their experiment and collected results. #wearemuir
11 days ago, Muir Colts
8th grade History classes bring the Boston Massacre to life in a crime scene investigation. #wearemuir
11 days ago, Muir Colts
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13 days ago, Muir Colts
Muir families, check out the Colts Corner, our new, one stop shop monthly newsletter! #wearemuir
14 days ago, Muir Colts
Our 7th grade enjoyed a fun filled day of team building and challenges! #wearemuir #team7thgrade
15 days ago, Muir Colts
A great night of Volleyball for the Colts! Both the 7th & 8th grade teams were victorious! #wearemuir #gocolts
16 days ago, Muir Colts
HVS Shoutout! #wearemuir
17 days ago, Muir Colts