Music notes

Our choir director, Brittany Miller shares some exciting news for the Vocal Music Program! 10 students from Milford were given 1's at district solo and ensemble, which means they were able to advance to the next level, State Solo and Ensemble.   

Of the 10, 6 students went to Big Rapids this Saturday for State solo and Ensemble.  All students were given a 1 rating and 2 students (Jillian Armstrong & Lauren Gates) were awarded a perfect score! These students are: Joe Meagher, Jillian Armstrong, Lauren Gates, Amelia Dalbis, Hana Scripture, & Abbie Hess.  These students had to perform two classical pieces and then sight read.  3 students were awarded perfect scores for sight reading (Amelia Dalbis, Jillian Armstrong, Lauren Gates), which is a HUGE accomplishment. 

Clearly, it has been a fantastic year for Huron Valley performing arts.  Theater, Band, & Choir share many students and are very proud of all they have accomplished!