Summer Assignments

Due to scheduling issues, all summer assignments are optional and are for the purpose of the student's enrichment.  Students are encouraged to be familiar with the material for their learning.

Milford High School

2022/23 School year

Advanced Placement/Honors Courses Summer Update

Students recently had the opportunity to view their course selections for next year through Skyward.  IF your schedule included AP or Honors classes or Spanish IV/V, please review the following information that applies to you:

Due to a delay in the typical scheduling timeline, some changes have been made regarding how AP class work will progress this summer. 

In place of the typical mandatory summer work, many AP/Honors teachers will be assigning optional summer work.  Teachers have carefully selected these assignments because they will help students to begin the class with a stronger background in the course subject and be better prepared for AP exams.

Assume you have been placed in the AP classes you requested unless you have received notification from your Milford High School counselor that there is conflict with your requests.  Students should check their hvs email throughout the summer so counselors can notify them of any potential conflicts. To allow time for counselors to reach out to you, it is advised that students wait until August to begin the optional summer assignments.  

Please note that teachers are still making updates to this information through June.


Milford High School Counselors

AP Biology

Summer Assignment

AP Calculus

Summer Packet

AP Chemistry

Summer Assignment

AP Computer Science

AP Environmental Science

APES Summer Assignment Letter

APES Summer Assignment #1

APES Summer Assignment #2

APES Summer Assignment #3

AP Government

Summer Letter

Honors ELA 9

Summer Assignment

Honors ELA 10

Reading Strategies

Summer Letter

Honors Pre-Calculus -

No summer assignment

AP Human Geography

Summer Assignment

AP Language and Composition

Suggested Summer Assignment and Readings

AP Literature and Composition

Suggested Summer Reading and Writing Assignments

AP Physics

Link for AP Physics C

Link for AP Physics 1

AP Statistics

Suggested Summer Reading

AP US History

​AP US History Summer Assignment

Spanish 4 and 5

Spanish 4 and 5