Oakland School Technical Center (OSTC)

Oakland Schools Technical Campuses : The Oakland Schools Technical Campus (O.S.T.C.) is a career-focused, academic environment for high school students throughout Oakland County. O.S.T.C. provides juniors and seniors with the opportunity to spend half of their traditional high school day (3 hours) at the Southwest, Wixom campus. Transportation is provided. Students are able to pursue their technical and career interests by focusing their studies in a variety of areas.

Programs at O.S.T.C. include:

  • Agriscience and Environmental Technologies

  • Automotive Technology

  • Collision Repair and Refinishing

  • Construction Technology* (not available at the Southwest campus)

  • Cosmetology* (only available at the Northeast campus)

  • Criminal Justice* (only available at the Southeast campus)

  • Culinary Arts and Hospitality

  • Cyber Security* (only available at the Southeast campus)

  • Energy and Electrical Technologies* (not available at the Southwest campus)

  • Engineering and Emerging Technologies - Machining

  • Engineering and Emerging Technologies - Mechatronics

  • Engineering and Emerging Technologies - Welding* (not available at the Southwest campus)

  • Health Sciences

  • iTeam - Computer Programming

  • iTeam - Computer Networking

  • iTeam - Entrepreneurship and Advanced Marketing

  • Medium and Heavy Truck Equipment

  • Visual Imaging

*If you are interested in attending a program that is not available at the Southwest campus, please speak with your counselor about the availability of these programs.

 O.S.T.C. Program : View this web page to get general information on O.S.T.C. and what programs are offered. This document contains clickable links for more detailed information.

O.S.T.C. Credit Guide: Clusters at O.S.T.C. offer the opportunity to earn a variety of Michigan Merit Curriculum credits that count toward graduation. 

Articulation at O.S.T.C. : Clusters at O.S.T.C. offer the opportunity to earn credit at specific colleges based on the coursework completed at O.S.T.C.

Applying to O.S.T.C. : Students may apply for admission to O.S.T.C. prior to their junior and/or senior year. All sophomore students are invited to an O.S.T.C. presentation held at the school during a seminar period. When thinking about applying please consider the following:

Deadlines for applications are determined by the O.S.T.C. campus and can change from year-to-year. 
Make sure you speak with your counselor if you are interested in applying to O.S.T.C. and pay attention for announcements regarding application due dates. 
Students must complete an online request for consideration and an enrollment application. Students must also have an updated educational development plan.
Space is limited in all programs. Depending on the number of applications for a program, you may be offered your 2nd choice program or placed on a wait list.
Students on track for graduation, who have demonstrated good attendance and behavior, and who have a specific career interest relating to an O.S.T.C. program are given priority if we receive more applications than the campus can accommodate.

If you have any questions regarding O.S.T.C. please see your counselor for more information.