Homework/Absent Work

If your student is absent, or missing assignments, have them log into their HVS account to check assignments through Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

Click for Google Classroom codes for each teacher

Your child must login with his/her district-provided username and password.  Usernames begin with the two digit year of high school graduation followed by their last name and first initial.  For example:

     6th Grade: 30lastnamef@hvs.org
     7th Grade: 29lastnamef@hvs.org
     8th Grade: 28lastnamef@hvs.org

All passwords start with the case sensitive word Learn followed by 4 numbers.  For example, Learn####. 

A district-provided username and password must be used to log into Google classrooms.  You may not utilize a personal Google login.

Please ask your child for his/her username and password to login.