March 11th, 2022                         2022 M-STEP Parent Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Starting shortly after we return from spring break Oxbow students in
grades 3-5 will be taking the Michigan Student Test of Educational Process
(MSTEP). The district has created a schedule based on the state-given testing
window. These assessments will be online and all grades will take Math and ELA
assessments. Fifth graders will also take Social Studies and Science assessments.

It is very important that your child is in school at 9:10 since teachers will be
starting their testing at the start of the day. Students may not be admitted to
the classroom if they are brought to school after testing has started. Also, please
remember that studies show students test best when they are well rested and
have breakfast.

5th Grade: (Mrs. Hewitt, Mr. Wahtola, Mr. Dobrin)
❖ Tuesday, April 26 - ELA
❖ Thursday, April 28 - Math
❖ Monday, May 2 - Social Studies
❖ Wednesday, May 4 - Science

4th Grade: (Mrs. Tingley, Mrs. Brinkman, Miss Sadler)
❖ Tuesday, April 19 - ELA
❖ Thursday, April 21 - Math

3rd Grade: (Mrs. Pipkin, Mrs. Teskey)
❖ Tuesday, April 12 - ELA
❖ Thursday, April 14 - Math

Click the link for a list of ways you can support your student during this time. Thank you!!!

2022 M-Step Parent Letter