Drop Off & Dismissal Information

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Drop Off/Dismissal Times

Drop off and dismissal times are busy times of the day. In order to run an efficient drop off/pick up system, keeping all children safe, some procedures must be followed. It is important that we work together and honor the rules to keep this system running smoothly. If everyone cooperates with the system, it takes approximately 15 minutes to clear the pick-up area when parents follow these simple steps:

  • Pull your car up to the furthest point. You will be directed to pull down to the south end of the curb.

  • Children will be walked out the front door and will be allowed to enter their parent's car on the curb side only. This greatly expands the number of vehicles that can be filled at one time. After your child is in the car, look to see that the rear path is clear and pull out slowly.

  • Students who did not have a parent in the first wave are to wait until all the cars have moved up. At this point when all of the cars have stopped, the second phase of loading will begin and proceed like the first. With the increased loading area it should only take 2 waves.

  • Parents parked in the north parking lot must get out of their car, walk to the crosswalk to meet their child and move immediately to their cars so this group of cars can be replaced.

  • No cars are to be parked and unattended in the drop off/pick up line.

  • It is unsafe to signal your child to cut through cars, school personnel will stop them. Please use the crosswalks if your car is parked.

  • IMPORANT NOTE: While waiting in line, please do not block the driveway of the home just north of the entrance to Oxbow.

Parent/Guardians: Be sure if you send someone else on the green card to pick your child up, they are aware of the dismissal procedure. Those unfamiliar with the procedures can be confused, slowing down the process and becoming frustrated. Drivers picking students up should stay in their cars to move thru the pick up line. Students have been and will be advised again of this plan and instructed on how to carry it out. The most important part of keeping the children safe is you.

Please click below for a video demonstrating our new parent pick-up and drop-off Procedure.