Huron Valley Schools Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Huron Valley Schools has released it's 2023-2028 Strategic Plan designed to foster and continue our focus upon excellence in education. This Strategic Plan is designed to help ensure that our students excel in the world of work, college and advanced course work. Over 70 people including administrators, teachers, staff, parents and community members took part to create the roadmap for the next five years which includes a mission, vision, five separate goals, objective statements, action steps, timelines and accountability mechanism. 

The Strategic Plan focused upon five goal areas:

1. Innovative Programming

2. Resources and Infrastructure

3. Marketing and Communications

4. Social Emotional Learning Supports and

5. Safety and Security

While a lot of great thinking took place, we know some of the plan’s aspects will need to be tackled right away. Our initial focus on the Strategic Plan will be primarily on Goal Statement two, which deals with our Resources and Infrastructure. 

Goal statement two: The Huron Valley Schools will maximize resources and infrastructure in order to maintain and attract HVS staff, enhance learning opportunities and provide a wide variety of support for students (how we pay for innovative programs).

The strategic plan provides the district with a clear direction that I am confident will inspire and build futures one student at a time.

Superintendent Paul Salah briefly explains the recently approved Strategic Plan in this video.

You can access the Strategic Plan here.