Volunteer Opportunities

The students of Kurtz Elementary need to see their parents and caregivers support their education and help shape their future. The Kurtz PTA is you, and others like you, doing your part to support the organization. Your contribution can be as small as sending in a dessert to support an after school event, or taking time out of your busy schedule to volunteer.

Volunteers Needed

Contact KurtzElementaryPTA@gmail.com if you are interested in chairing or co-chairing any of the committees.

Remember... There are many people in your child's lives that can help support their education. Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, caregivers are always welcome to volunteer! 

Advocacy Committee

The PTA Board has created an Advocacy Committee to help us tap into the benefits of being part of the Michigan PTA and the National PTA. This group will keep us informed about issues that affect us.