Empower Hour

May 5 - Spring Mills Elementary

Huron Valley Schools believes in Educating, Exercising, and Enriching our students. Empower Hour is a Before/After-School Enrichment Program offered at Huron Valley Elementary Schools. Spring Mills Elementary provides various opportunities for students to participate in throughout the year. According to principal, Sarah Bentley, “Empower Hour is a terrific opportunity for our kids to explore their interests in a variety of areas. We are very fortunate to have teachers who go above and beyond to provide these experiences for our students.”

Current offerings at Spring Mills include mornings singing with Mrs. LaPratt or Team Sports with Mr. Petoskey. Our afternoons provide a little Zen time with Miss Day’s yoga group. 

Mrs. LaPratt is at the helm for Spring Mills Voices! Students in grades three through five, who love to sing, are developing their voices with warm-ups, having fun learning songs with two-part harmonies, and participating in choreographed moves, all to prepare for the end of session performance.  

For those more interested in physical activity, Mr. Petoskey is offering team sports in the mornings as well. Featuring a new sport each week, students have a chance to get some exercise in before the school day begins. Hockey, basketball, soccer, team handball, volleyball, and pickleball are all activities students will have a chance to try out!

Finding a little Zen after a long day of learning is Miss Day’s specialty. Yoga Club is a one-hour class for students in grades two through five. Throughout the six weeks, students explore breathing exercises, movements with traditional yoga poses, and relaxation techniques while having fun and meeting new yoga friends in a safe and welcoming environment. “Seeing the students come with their big smiles and yoga mats each week is such a treat!” says Miss Day. 

These are just some fun activities happening behind the scenes at Spring Mills Elementary. Be sure to check out our upcoming Empower Hours and see if one is right for you!