5th Graders

March 18, 2022

To Spring Mills Parents, Students, and Staff

We have been doing a blanket drive for the past week.  We have made posters and sunflowers to support Ukraine.  5th graders have done announcements to encourage others to donate.  We have tried to build a safe and caring environment by helping the Ukraine.  We want to say, “Thank you,” for helping us.

You made a huge impact on Ukrainian lives.  You helped Ukrainian people keep warm because some people have no electricity.  It will help Ukrainians keep warm during these tough times.  Some people have a hard time providing for their children, so your blankets make a big impact.

This will help build our bond with the Ukrainian people. The Ukrainian families will be thankful.  They will now know people care about them.  Ukrainian families will be happy for the blankets.

We wanted to say, “Thank you,” to our students, parents, and staff.  You made a huge impact
in Ukrainian lives.  You also helped build our bond with Ukraine.  You made Ukrainians happy and warm.

Your Very Thankful School,

Spring Mills 5th Graders