Construction Zone

February 2022 -  Highland, MI: Spring Mills Elementary

Excitement and anxiousness are starting to swirl. As we get closer to spring, many people wonder about the construction that will take place at Spring Mills this year. Spring Mills is slated to undergo a major renovation, and it's just around the corner. We sat down with principal Sarah Bentley to get some insight into what families can expect.

Q: What is getting done? 

Ms. Bentley: Spring Mills will see the addition of a separate gym and new music and art rooms on the east (back) side of the building. Our building will have fresh paint, flooring, and furniture throughout, as well as classroom walls, doors, and technology updates. We will also have an addition on the front of the building, which will be our new secure entrance and office space.

Q: When will construction begin? 

Ms. Bentley: Construction will start March 1, 2022, on the backside of the building with our new addition. We already have equipment arriving.

Q: When is construction expected to end? 

Ms. Bentley: Construction will continue through the summer and should be mostly wrapped up by the start of our next school year. There may be some finishing touches happening as we roll into the fall.

Q: How will construction impact drop-off and pick-up (when)?

Ms. Bentley:  Good news! We hope to keep drop-off and pick-up the same late into the spring and maybe even the whole school year. There is a chance we may need to go to one car line in the front loop, but as of now, we can keep two.

Q: How will construction impact our school day? 

Ms. Bentley: Construction should not impact our school day too much. Our surroundings may look a little bare as we get into spring. The building (classrooms and all) are expected to be packed up by the last day of school. Also, during demolition, this spring, our lower el classrooms in the back centrum will have some noise disruption occasionally.

Q: How can families help?

Ms. Bentley: The most helpful thing that families can do is utilize our school transportation if possible. This will help decrease the number of cars and create less traffic back up during arrival and dismissal.

Q: What do you want people to know? Is there anything else you would like shared? 

Ms. Bentley: We are all going to need a lot of patience as we work through the renovation process, staying focused on the end result, which is a new and improved learning space for our kids! Also, keep in mind that there won't be early access to the building this fall as we expect construction to lead right up to our first school days. We will get through it together!