Kids with kindness poster

January 2022 - Highland, MI: Spring Mills Elementary is at it again! This time, The Great Kindness Challenge is on. Sarah Bentley, Spring Mills’ principal, introduced the challenge to staff and received overwhelming support to get the program rolling. The Great Kindness Challenge recognizes small acts of kindness when they occur. It encourages students of all ages to perform acts of goodwill, creating a culture of kindness and compassion while strengthening students’ social and emotional well-being. Activities promoting kindness and themed days encourage smiles and fun even more. According to Ms. Bentley, “There is already a culture of caring at Spring Mills. I hope this is a reminder of that culture, caring, and paying it forward. Doing kind things for others makes this a better place to be.”

The week of January 24, students at Spring Mills will do all they can to cultivate this culture of kindness. Our already caring community is upping its game and taking it to the next level. Teachers, parents, the PTA, and more are taking an active role in recognizing the good our students do, promoting spirit days, and other kindness activities. 

The impact of The Great Kindness Challenge at other schools adds merit to this initiative. School leaders who participate rave about the results, stating a shift in the whole school. “Ribbons line the halls, and we are reminded of all the good being done,” says one leader.” Ms. Bentley added, “Any time you can focus on kindness…it's a good thing!”

This is an excellent reminder that we can all make a difference. With all that is happening in the world today, we can all use a little more kindness.