Holiday goodies in teacher lounge

January 2022 - Highland, MI: Spring Mills PTA has some fresh, new faces, and they are here to make a difference! This group of ladies has made it their mission to spread kindness, show appreciation, and impact the education of all students at Spring Mills Elementary. Board members: Amanda Kwit (President), Stacey Moore (Secretary), Amy Frankovich (Treasurer), Kelly Frey (Fundraising Chair), and Kristin Ealy (Teacher rep. and first-grade teacher) lead the helm. This year, our PTA conducted Spring Mills’ most successful Fun Run campaign: more than doubling the money raised previously. The board’s perseverance and advertisement of the event, coupled with generous donations, earned them more than $40,000! This more than doubled the money raised previously; all of it supports students and education at Spring Mills Elementary. Spreading kindness and appreciation for staff is another major push that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Teachers are regularly surprised with goodies such as “Cocoa and Cookies,” “Thanksgiving Pies,” and even getting “Booed” at Halloween. Most recently, Spring Mills PTA led the charge for keeping the holiday spirit strong. Coordinated by Bridgette Moscoso, the Spring Mills Giving Tree was a collaboration of goodwill to spread holiday cheer. The activity received overwhelming support, and two Spring Mills families were gifted with presents under the Christmas tree this season. Spring Mills PTA is just getting started, and they are knocking it out of the park! We hope these ladies know their efforts have not gone unnoticed. We cannot wait to see how the rest of the year unfolds.