School Closings


Inclement weather, hazardous road conditions, power outages or other incidents may require the closing of school. When the District closes school or releases students early, we will notify parents via our emergency notification phone system. We will also notify the local TV news stations; radio stations WJR (760), WHMI (93.5FM), WWJ (950AM) and WKQI (95.5FM). You can check the District Hotline (248.684.8282) or online via our District website: You can also sign up for the school closing List Serv on the District website. Please do not call your child's school.

If it is necessary to evacuate students from the school building and grounds to ensure their safety, they will be transported by school bus to another building. Procedures are in place to support classroom instruction and normal routines. Parents can contact the building principal to get information about the specific evacuation plan. Huron Valley Schools' policy prohibits sending elementary students home in the middle of the day.

Please be prepared for emergencies. The school should have up-to-date information about your child for the school records. Also, please discuss with your children the procedures they should follow if ever they arrive home and find no one there.

Please remember, if the regular school day is canceled due to inclement weather, all after school activities are also canceled. When school remains open and you are uncertain about weather conditions, the final decision to send your child to school remains with you, the parent. An absence in this case will be excused.


Our phone notification system allows the school district to communicate important information to staff and families within minutes. The notification system will be used primarily for communicating school delays/closings and emergency situations affecting the school district or your child's school.

Parents will receive a phone call with a recorded message from a district staff member. If you do not pick up the phone and you have voice mail, a message will be recorded. If the line is busy or there is no answer within six rings and no voice mail, the system will re-call the number up to two times. It will first finish calling the rest of the numbers in the list then retry the numbers that could not be reached the first time. If you have caller ID, the number will show up as the school's main phone number.

Messages for school delays and closings due to weather will typically be sent between 5-6 a.m. For other school announcements, messages will generally be sent during the school day or early evening. You may update your contact information at any time by contacting the office at your child's school. We encourage you to update your records to provide us the phone number you wish to be called on in an emergency or for school closings.