HEPTO Sponsored Activities

Family Fun Nights - Family Fun Nights are held through out the year, these may include (but are not limited to) nights at the school, Rollerama, and Milford Pool

Math Group - kids learn math games and participate in a district competition

Lego Club - Meets after school during the winter

Mileage Club - Continuing the program that HVS PE programs started which rewards students for physical activity during recess

Silent Auction/Raffle - While this is a fundraising activity it is also a fun adult activity to engage in

Field Trip Busing -  We provide transportation for one field trip per grade

Assemblies -  Educational assemblies and guest speakers

Planners -  Provided to upper elementary students

Special Projects -  include updating technology, class parties, and can be used when needed

Popcorn Fridays - Provide popcorn to all the students throughout the year

Spirit Wear - Look for unique Highland designs each year!!!  Fun Stuff

Yearbooks - A great way to remember a fantastic year at Highland Elementary

Teacher Appreciation and Support - The PTO works with teachers throughout the year to make sure they are getting the support they need, from teacher meals during conferences to help with special classroom activities.

There are many other small things we do for the school to make our school special!   Please consider helping out, emailing hepto (highlandhepto@gmail.com), or coming to a meeting new faces are always welcomed!!


What we spend our fundraising dollars on:

  • Field Trips

  • Classroom Supplies

  • Leadership Team

  • Technology in the Classroom

  • Yearbooks for the 5th grade

  • Popcorn Days

  • Scholastic Magazines

  • Teacher Support

  • Daily Planners (2nd -5th grade)

  • Family Fun Nights

And many more misc. Items that make the school GREAT!!