Speech & Language

What is the Preschool Speech and Language Program?

Preschool children, three to five years of age, who may experience difficulty communicating or difficulty being understood due to unintelligible speech are serve at Apollo in the program.
Communication skills are a key to success in school.  Listening and speaking provide the foundation for reading and writing.  The goal of speech therapy for preschool children is to increase intelligibility and reduce frustration when communicating.  A variety of material and techniques are sued during therapy and demonstrated to parents who also participate in a home program in which word list, literature and activities involving targeted sounds are emphasized.

If parents suspect that their child is having difficulty in listening or speaking, it is advisable to contact a Speech and Language Pathologist for an evaluation.  An evaluation would determine whether or not a child’s communication skills are within normal limits for his/her age, or whether some extra help is this area would be beneficial prior to kindergarten.
The Preschool Speech and language Program is designed primarily for children who are having articulation (sound) errors in their speech. 
For more information, call Rachel Lepore at (248) 676-8305 or e-mail rachel.lepore@hvs.org