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Huron Valley Staff - One of Our Greatest Resources

Huron Valley Schools is one of the largest school districts in the state with approximately 10,000 students. The District is also the second largest employer in our community with a budget of $84 million, 1600 employees and 22 school and service buildings.

Huron Valley administrators work diligently year round to run our schools, establish our curriculum, oversee a myriad of programs and departments, ensure the safety of our students and staff, manage our finances, ensure we meet federal and state mandates and most importantly, support the achievement of our students.

Our instructional team provides a quality education to help all students achieve at their highest level. We have approximately 600 teachers, as well as para educators, psychologists, social workers, counselors, media techs and specialists, and child care staff that selflessly devote their time to help our students maximize their potential. In addition, our Athletic Department supports the 64% of our students who participate in athletic programs.

The Food Service Department employs 84 staff, including cafeteria managers, cooks, servers and cashiers. These industrious employees serve our students approximately 950 breakfasts and 3500 lunches every school day.

The Transportation Department, comprised of approximately 140 dedicated employees, safely transports approximately 6500 Huron Valley students each day. The most visible to the public are the bus drivers and Special Education bus attendants. These drivers travel over 9800 miles each day across the District and Oakland County, the equivalent of a direct flight from Detroit to Sydney, Australia.

Keeping our buildings clean, our grounds maintained and our facilities running in top shape is critical to support our students and staff. The Huron Valley Maintenance and Operations Department employs over 75 hard working staff members who work around the clock to maintain 22 buildings (1.7 million sq. feet of building space) to clean and maintain the District's property.

Huron Valley is also supported by a team of secretaries, administrative assistants, accounting clerks, attendance clerks and records secretaries who number approximately 67. They are instrumental in helping their buildings run smoothly by ensuring we comply with the state's mandated record keeping, accounting for building payables/receivables, and assisting parents and students.

This section provides easy access to online and web-based resources for our administrative, instructional and support staff.