WLMS Student Support Services

White Lake Middle School Student Services wants to help students get the most out of school and life. We can assist students in meeting the challenges of growing up, finding solutions to their problems, and helping them better understand and appreciate who they are.

Short Term Solution Based Counseling

  • Respond to any emergency situation 
  • Sort out problems 
  • Discuss feeling and needs 
  • Explore options 
  • Reach decisions 
  • Discuss suicide threats 
  • Arrange conflict resolutions/mediations 
  • Provide referrals 
  • Help with student/teacher conflicts 
  • Listen to family concerns 
  • Teach social skills 
  • Teach bully-proofing skills 
  • Provide information about drugs and alcohol 
  • Teach peer pressure reversal skills

Group Counseling

Each year our team of professionals plan and implement small groups based on the needs of our student population. Below are some common groups we have facilitated. If you would like your child to participate in a group, contact Student Services.

  • Healthy Living
  • New Students 
  • Changing Families 
  • Anger Management 
  • Concerned Persons 
  • Friendship/Social Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Grief/Loss Group


WLMS Student Services works closely with students, parents, and teachers to help make the middle school experience positive. When issues/concerns extend beyond the area of academics and the school, referrals to local agencies can be requested. Our referrals can be for general counseling, as well as for specific topics. (Example: adoption, ADHD, drug/alcohol abuse, etc.)


WLMS Student Services can work with private counselors, therapists, doctors, and other professionals to share valuable information about the student’s school life. A release of information form needs to be signed by the parent before information can be exchanged. Forms are available in student services.

Staff members available to assist you

Staff members able to assist you: 

Mr. Kalmbach, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Sorvari, School Counselor for 6th-8th grade


Mrs. Norris, School Social Worker

Mr. Dawson, School Social Worker

Mrs. Kilpela, Teacher Consultant

Mrs. Gustafson, School Psychologist

Mrs. Adams, Speech/Language Pathologist

Mrs. Summers, Student Services Secretary


Tutor Resource List:

Tutor List 19.20

To reach one of the members of the Student Services staff dial: 248-684-8103 


Profile Form:

PDF DocumentStudent Profile Form

Tutor Resource List:

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