White Lake Middle School

Attendance Hotline (24 hour): (248) 684-8103
Fax: (248) 684-8088
Start Time: 8:18 AM
Dismissal Time: 3:00 PM

Daily Bell Schedule:
1st Hour 8:23-9:23
2nd Hour 9:28-10:28
3rd Hour 10:33-11:28
4th Hour 11:33-12:58 (lunches included)
5th Hour 1:03-1:58
6th Hour 2:03-3:00

Building Contact Information

Michelle Chotkowski
Nicholas Peruski
Assistant Principal
Pamela Summers
Records Secretary
Diane Flora
Theresa Zonneveld
Para Educator

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Media Arts 7 Performs "Sleepy Hollow"

Media Arts 7 Performs "Into the Maze of Doom"

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