In the spring, all incoming 6th graders will attend orientation at Oak Valley. Students will come with their 5th grade classes during the school day. Our choir and band will perform. Students will then break into groups for a tour of the school, a light snack, and a review of elective choices. All future Oak Valley students will leave with a folder full of important information. Course selection sheets must be returned to their 5th grade teacher by the date listed on the selection sheet. Please call the Counseling Office if you have questions.


The week following orientation, students will receive their course selection sheet for the following year. The due date is printed on the bottom of the sheet. A parent signature is needed as well as a summer phone number. Students who turn in their sheet on time will be scheduled first and will most likely receive the classes they have requested. Students who don’t turn the sheet in or who turn them in late will be scheduled last.


All Oak Valley teachers strive to meet the individual needs of their students. Therefore, it is in the best interests of everyone that requests for placement be put in writing and given to Mrs. Nellis by May 1st. 

6th grade elective choices

7th grade elective choices

8th grade elective choices