Students riding school buses are expected to observe established rules and follow the Code of Conduct to ensure safety. Persistent misbehavior or violation of bus safety procedures will result in loss of bus privileges.
Bus stops and pick-up times for students will be sent by the Transportation Department. Currently no bus passes are allowed. Bus routes cannot add extra students during this time.

Please call our attendance line voicemail directly at 248-684-8104 any time to excuse your student's absence. 
When calling, please leave the following information:
1. Student’s First and Last Name
2. Date of Absence
3. Grade
4. Reason for Absence
It is necessary for ALL STUDENTS TO REPORT TO THE OFFICE when coming to school late or leaving. Parents, please come in the front door and show your ID to the camera when picking up your student. (A written note by the doctor or dentist is helpful in the case of excessive absences.)