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Counseling & Student Services Staff-Mission Statement
Huron Valley Schools Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program provides a quality developmental program as an integral part of the total education process. This program employs strategies to enhance academics, encourage self-awareness, foster employment readiness and impart life skills for all students.

Counselors Secretary
Shannon Thompson

Phone: (248) 684-8241

Records Department
Heather Caddell

Phone: (248) 684-8267


Beverly Groth         Counselor A-GO             beverly.groth@hvs.org              (248) 684-8220

Andy Desenzio       Counselor Gr-O             adrianne.desenzio@hvs.org       (248) 684-8265

Gina Pryor               Counselor P-Z                gina.pryor@hvs.org                   (248) 684-8262    


To make an appointment with your counselor, please click on the link and choose a time slot that works for you. If you want to make an appointment on a day you are not in the building and would like to have a Google meeting, that too is an option.

For Ms. Groth   https://tinyurl.com/BevGroth

For Ms. Desenzo    https://tinyurl.com/ADesenzio

For Ms. Pryor    https://tinyurl.com/GPryor