Business, Management, Marketing, Technology Department

                                         Join The Business Team!


The Business Department at Milford High School is technically the "Business, Management, Marketing, & Technology Department" (BMMT) where hands on life skills and experiences are incorporated into the curriculum. Our focus is to prepare the student learners for both post-secondary education or to enter today's work force. All the instructors are not only certified teachers and "Vocationally Certified" by the State of Michigan. This means that they have all led successful careers in the business industry and are able to employ real world relevance in their daily lessons. The majority of the BMMT classes run only one semester, an exception to this is Accounting I & II. Both of these courses are 1 year and Accounting I can be counted as a 4th year math credit, if needed. We are focused on the BMMT pathways as directed by the Michigan State Standards.

All programs in the Business, Management, Marketing, Technology Department are focused on high expectations for student achievement and correlate with Milford High Schools mission statement. All classes highlight effective communication, ethical responsibility, critical thinking, and implementation of technology with proper cybercitizenship. All students will be required to sign a Lab Tech Usage Agreement outlining technical, social, and civic expectations.

Advisory Committee Members Needed!
We are looking for parents, students, and community business leaders to become part of our Advisory Committee. As Career and Technical Education importance continues to grow with our global economy, it is imperative that we as teachers are keeping up to date with the needs and changes in the business industry. The experience and knowledge of our Advisory Committee members is vital for us to make sure our students are prepared with the skills that are needed to be successful. If you are interested please contact Mr. Nick Peruski.