1) Q Why should I join band?

A Well, here's what other band members have said about it:

"The best thing about being in band is the sense of family.  The people are just wonderful and close.  We just have so much fun together."

"Band helps teach me to appreciate music more, and gives me advantages over other drummers.  Band members also make good friends and throw fun parties."

"The best thing about being in band is the experience as a whole.  The people, the music, everything.  You can't choose just one, really."

"This year's marching season reminded me of why it's my favorite time of the year....I have grown so much over the past three months-I'm almost unrecognizable from the person I was last year....There have been many opportunities to grow in many ways."

"I loved the band parties-it was a safe and fun place to hang out with the people who have worked hard together to create art on the field....I'm proud of how hard everyone has worked to make it count on Friday night."

"The things I enjoyed this year in band are too plentiful to mention. I loved that the band was a family and that we were pretty focused. I loved knowing how to actually march and I loved making the crowd go crazy."

"Band Room = Second Home."

"I enjoyed how the band room is our home and the students are brothers and sisters. How close we all are. How much fun we have and how everyone cares about everyone. No matter how bad of a day you were having, you always smile around band people. Our spirit and love for each other. Our inside jokes. Our silliness."

"Thing that I have enjoyed this year are everything. I'm not joking. There isn't anything I'm not proud of, and I'm very happy with all the progress this band has made."

"Football players even said we looked good!"

2) Q How will this affect me down the road? Are people who have been in marching band cool and successful?

A Yes!  Check out this website to see 30 famous people who were once in marching band.

3) Q What can I expect as a member of the band?

A You will both work hard and play hard!  The Milford High School Marching Band starts off its season with two weeks of Pre-Camp held at MHS followed by a week of band camp in scenic Ortonville, MI--this happens the three weeks before school starts.  Then, the marching band rehearses on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 - 9 pm, performs at home football games, and travels on Saturdays to various competitions around the state.  Marching band concludes with State Finals the first week in November.  The band also performs in a few parades in the community.  While this sounds like a lot of work, it's really quite comparable to the time you would spend practicing if you were a member of a sports team at the high school. 

During all these rehearsals, you'll really become part of an award-winning team--the Milford High School Marching Band has qualified for State Championships for the past 20 years straight and has even travelled to Grand National Championships!!!  The best part of being in a marching band is this: every member is a first-string, Varsity player--you will never be benched; there is no one who can fill your place--you are unique, valued, and an important part of our ensemble!!! 

Just ask anyone who marched in band for four years--or even just one--they'll have so many funny stories from rehearsal, so many fond memories of trips with friends, and so many proud feelings from accomplishing something great musically and being part of such a great group of young adults.  This is an opportunity you won't want to miss!

4) Q do I sign up?  How do I get more information?

A    It's quite easy!  You can contact Ms. Sare the following ways:


Phone: (248)684-8205

If you're a student at MHS, stop by the band room to see her!  If you're a student in the 8th grade, your band director will be able to tell you a lot, too.  Get started!  :)


5) Q  Is there a cost to participate in marching band?

Yes, there is--the fees for marching band cover the cost of additional instructors (it's like having private lessons--you get so much extra help from someone who is an expert on your instrument--see the Marching Band Staff page), music (our shows are unique--custom arranged just for us!), drill (the way each band member moves on the field to create different formations), travel expenses, your stay at camp, meals, special equipment, and many other things.


But don't worry--the Milford Band Parents, which your parents are automatically a part since you're in band--offer so many different ways to fundraise!  Many families pay for their musician(s) to participate in marching band with no out-of-pocket cost through participating in fundraisers!  Ms. Sare and the Band Parent Council are always looking for new ways to lower costs and increase revenue to make marching band something that all students can make happen!



7)  Q  What is color guard?  What are the requirements to be in color guard?

Color guard is a special part of the marching band that uses dance, with or without special equipment like flags, sabers, and rifles to enhance the musical theme being present by the wind players and percussionists.  Members of the guard also have special uniforms they wear that are different from the rest of the band.  There are no requirements to be in color guard, although having a background in dance or gymnastics does help quite a bit.  Our instructors are fantastic though and will teach you everything you need to know to be successful, even if you've never tried something like this before!  One more thing--you do not have to play an instrument to be in color guard!  


8)  Q  I'm a percussionist.  What is marching band like for a percussionist?

In marching band, we have two main groups of percussionists--the Battery, which consists of snares, bass drums, and tenor drums, and the Front Ensemble, which includes all mallet percussion instruments like xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, bells, and many auxiliary instruments as needed, like timpani, concert bass drum, drum set, and much more.  The Front Ensemble also includes keyboard piano synthesizers!! 

Drum (1) 

Percussionists meet with their instructor each spring to determine which instrument each person will play based on where the instructor feels that person will be most successful.  Each spring you have the chance to re-audition for a different place in the percussion section, but know that every spot is important and strong musicians are needed in both the Battery and the Front Ensemble! 

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